SPARK!_CZU Unexpected Green Opportunities

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31.5.2022 od 16:00 až 31.5.2022 do 18:30
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Mgr. Přemysl Gubani
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Mgr. Přemysl Gubani
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Registrace na událost
16.05.2022 od 08:00 až 30.05.2022 do 15:00

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We will explore ESG problematic with EY leadership during our event, focusing on opportunities in various and unexpected sectors. And add a little bit of spice from Human Resources to consider many future Career possibilities you might have in the green jobs department.

Because MAY is a month of Mental Health Awareness, we will offer some taste of environmental psychology.
How do you keep yourself sane while facing the void of uncertainty connected with Climate Change also, excellent leaders need to win heard of people by understanding them and their attitudes and carefuly change their attitudes.
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